Trace W. Curry, M.D.


When you are thinking about lap band surgery, experience matters--whether it is a routine operation such as having your gallbladder removed, or a life-altering operation like a LAP BAND or REALIZE adjustable gastric band. We have one of the most experienced Lap Band surgery teams in Cincinnati, Ohio and rank in the top 1% in volume in the country. We also offer the new gastric plication and sleeve gastrectomy procedures as well as gastric bypass, because we know from our experience that obesity is a disease that cannot be defeated by a single operation in all patients. All of our operations are done with a minimally invasive technique that will offer you the least amount of pain and the fastest recovery possible. We work only at Center-of-Excellence hospitals that will provide you the quality care that you deserve. Come inside to learn more about your Cincinnati, Ohio lap band surgery option!

Sincerely, Trace W. Curry, M.D.
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