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Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG)

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There are a couple of different names to describe this operation--vertical gastrectomy, sleeve gastrectomy, or vertical sleeve gastrecomy (VSG)--these are all describing the same type of surgery, which is a newer procedure being performed for weight loss.  It is done with the laparoscopic technique, similar to the LAP BAND and Lap Gastric bypass.  It involves removing the portion of the stomach that functions mainly as a storage receptacle for food to make it much smaller, so it doesn't take much food to make you feel full.  This is similar in concept to the LAP BAND System.  Most studies show that the weight loss with a sleeve is slightly less than with a gastric bypass but slightly more than with a LAP BAND.  Also many studies show up to an 80% remission rate for Type II diabetes.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to this procedure:

Advantages of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG):

  • Since there is no mechanical device, there are fewer food intolerances with vertical sleeve than with LAP BAND or REALIZE BAND.

  • Weight loss is much faster with sleeve than with LAP BAND or REALIZE BAND.
  • Removal of the portion of stomach that secretes the hormone ghrelin can result in better hunger control than with LAP BAND.

  • There is no implantable device, so things like slips and erosions aren't a concern down the road with the vertical sleeve gastrectomy.

  • The risk is lower risk than with gastric bypass, yet the weight loss is similar.

  • Since there is no device to adjust, the follow-up regimen not as intense as for LAP-BAND or REALIZE BAND.

  • If weight regain occurs it can easily be converted to bypass which will likely lead to additional weight loss.

Disadvantages of the vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG):

  • Since this is a newer procedure it is less time-tested.

  • Unlike LAP BAND or REALIZE BAND, it is non-adjustable.

  • Unlike LAP BAND or REALIZE BAND, it is non-reversible.
  • The risk is slightly higher than with LAP BAND or REALIZE BAND.

Operation Details:

The surgery usually takes us less than an hour to perform and it is done with six tiny incisions that add up altogether to about 2.5 total inches. 

Many patients are able to go home the day of surgery!

Diet is advanced slowly, starting with clear liquids and ending at soft solid foods by week four.

Most patients will lose about 60-70% of their excess body weight in a year.

At $14,900 including 2 years of post op office care, we have one of the most competitive prices for self pay sleeve patients in the region.

We have performed more laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomies (over 1200) than any other practice in Cincinnati!

The sleeve gastrectomy is also a good revision procedure for band patients who have had either failed weight loss or had to have their band removed.  We have performed this procedure for patients from all over the country and have had excellent results.

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